Hemorrhoids - Treatment, Causes, Symptoms, Prevention

Take comfort in knowing you're not alone

It is estimated that up to one half of the population will
experience the symptoms of hemorrhoids (also known as piles) by the age of 50.


Approximately 75% of people will have hemorrhoids at some point in their lives


Hemorrhoids can be uncomfortable for many people, yet they are easily treated and can be prevented


Only 1 in 3 people seek any sort of treatment for their hemorrhoids


In most cases an individual can take simple measures to alleviate symptoms while the problem heals on its own

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new hope

Through medical intervention, doctors use liquid nitrogen as the cryogenic agent for freezing hemorrhoids. However, for an ‘at home’ treatment that is easy to administer, cryotherapy devices can be very effective in reducing inflammation and soothing pain and soreness.

Your treatment options

What are hemorrhoids and how do you treat them?

What are hemorrhoids?

What are the causes how are they diagnosed? Read more..

Natural Remedies

Herbal, drug-free treatments home remedies.

Cold/Cryotherapy devices

The convenient soothing, drug-free alternative.

Over the counter

Topical treatments and suppositories.


Procedures for the more severe cases.

Prevention & The Role of Diet

Simple strategies for continued health.

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